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Does the league carry insurance?

The league carries liability insurance as required by PONY Baseball, the Pleasant Valley School District, and the Pleasant Valley Recreation and Parks District. For many years, CPBA carried a secondary health insurance policy. As costs rose over the years, and use of the policy was rather infrequent, the Board decided a few years ago to discontinue this coverage.

CPBA does not carry any form of health care or accident insurance. Parents are responsible for any costs for health care incurred due to injury as a result of a child participating in Camarillo PONY Baseball.

Important Note:

You as a parent are responsible for monitoring your young children in attendance at games and practices, there are some small dangers surrounding fields such as the bleacher seats, fence hardware, uneven ground etc. It is your responsibility to ensure your child’s safety when using these areas, please ensure your small children do not fall or jump off or plays under these bleachers, they can easily be injured. The bleachers are here for your convenience and we don't want to be forced to remove them due to lack of supervision of a parent.

Fall Ball

Games are played on Sunday afternoons and the season runs from September into November (typically 10 games total). Practices if held are not mandatory. Players receive a Fall Ball t-shirt, socks and a hat which will be kept at the end of the season. Standings are not maintained for Fall Ball.

What is the Board of Directors?

The Board of Directors is composed of adults who volunteer their time and talents to provide a successful youth baseball program for our community. Together they make the decisions regarding how the entire league is run. These members are primarily parents of players in the various leagues that make up CPBA.

When and where does the Board meet?

The Board generally meets the first Thursday of every month at Freedom Park. The general public is encouraged to attend and we welcome your presence.

What are the job descriptions of the various officers?

President: The President is the general manager who has the responsibility of supervising all the affairs of CPBA to ensure the entire organization runs smoothly. The President also provides guidance and their vision for the future of the CPBA league.

Vice President: The Vice President presides in the absence of the President and is a member of all standing committees and also does league scheduling.

Secretary: The Secretary keeps a record of the proceedings of all meetings, is the official custodian of the Constitution and Articles of Incorporation of CPBA, and also prepares correspondence.

Treasurer: The Treasurer handles the accounts and business transactions of CPBA. They also give a monthly financial report to the Board.

Director of Procedures: The Director of Procedures is responsible for preparing and interpreting our By-Laws, which govern our organization. They are also a member of the Protest Board as well as the disciplinary committee.

Director of Equipment: The Director of Equipment is responsible for maintaining, distributing, and collecting at the end of the season all equipment and uniforms owned by CPBA.

Director of Facilities: The Director of Facilities is responsible, with the PVSD and PVRPD, for the maintenance and condition of the playing facilities used by CPBA.

Director of Commissioners (AA and Colt/Palomino Leagues): This Director is responsible for monitoring the affairs of the AA and Colt/Palomino leagues. They also supervise the conduct of the league commissioners and managers. The Director of Commissioners AA also serves on the disciplinary committee.

Director of Commissioners (A Leagues): This Director is responsible for monitoring the affairs of the A leagues. They also recommend (subject to board approval) and then supervise the league commissioners and managers.

Director of Players:This Director is in charge of the registration, skills ratings, general welfare of players, assignment of players to teams, and replacement of all players ages 5 to 18 years old. This Director also works with the Director of Commissioners to supervise the individual league commissioners.

Director of Player Welfare: The Director of Player Welfare supervises all requests for scholarships and grant monies and is responsible for the running of the snack bar. This Director works with the Head Team Parent and snack bar supervisor to assign all snack bar duties.

Director of Public Relations:The Director of Public relations is responsible for maintaining the CPBA website and monitoring emails or concerns received by the public, the CPBA email is received by the Dir of P/R and forwarded to the appropriate board member that the email pertains too; all emails and concerns are confidential.

Director of Sponsors/Fundraising: The Director of Sponsors recruits team, as well as league, sponsors and organizes fundraising events. This is a non-voting position.

Director of Umpires: The Director of Umpires in responsible for overseeing all umpiring duties and scheduling umpires for games. The Director of Umpires also sits on the Protest board as well as disciplinary committee. This is a non-voting position.

How are the members of the board elected?

Nominations for candidates are submitted to the Board prior to the general election which is normally held the first Thursday in June. All Board members are elected to a two-year term and are voted upon by the existing Board members and the General membership in attendance at this meeting. Please think about volunteering your time to become a member of the Board. Ask any Board member for more information.

Who is the general membership?

Parents or legal guardians of all youths participating in the program are considered active and voting members of the general membership. Other adults who show sufficient interest may become members of the general membership if approved by the Board of Directors.

Who else assists in running CPBA?

There are numerous other people who are necessary to run CPBA. Some of these volunteers include Head Team Parents, League Parents, League Commissioners, Snack Bar Manager, Team Managers and Coaches, Team Parents and Umpires. We could not possibly run the organization without all these wonderful volunteers. Please consider volunteering your time too. Ask any Board member for more information.

Where can I get additional information on PONY baseball?

More information can be found at:

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